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  San Diego, CA 92106 FAX: 619-225-8141

5,000 Ton Fishing Industry Ocean Masters, 3,000 Ton International Ocean Masters License and 1600 Ton U.S. Coast Guard Masters License, All Oceans any waters endorsed for Celestial Navigation, Radar, Ocean Sailing Vessels, Ocean Towing Vessels, Firefighting, Able-Bodied Seaman, GMDSS, STCW 95
Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa, Bachelor of Arts Degree, Political Science
Military Service: Captain, U.S. Air Force, Squadron Commander, Combat Area Decorated Veteran, Top Secret Securly Clearance
Vehicle Maintenance School, Gas, Diesel, U.S. Air Force
Conversational Spanish and Italian
Stockbroker, E.F. Hutton & Co., Commodity Broker, Continental Grain Co.
Non-smoker, owned and operated three small businesses
Court regonized Expert Witness/Consultant in Marine Accident Cases
One of the few men in this country as a Captain in two different Services, U.S. Merchant Marine and U.S. Air Force & VFW Member.

Have over 3000 documented days at sea, operating over 190 vessels, as documented with the U.S. Coast Guard. After 190 vessels, I quit counting. Operated both U.S. and foreign flagged vessels including Canadian, Belize, Mexican, New Zealand, and Saudi Arabian Yachts. Operated Single, Twin and Triple screw vessels from small up to 280', on Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America, the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, the Panama Canal, East and West Coast of Mexico, Mediterranean and Adriatic from Italy to Yugoslavia, Pacific Ocean from Hawaii to San Diego, Samoa to Fiji, Guadalcanal and Singapore, Alaska: Bering Sea, North Pacific to British Columbia, and the inside passage. Am a trophy winning racing skipper in San Diego Regattas. Have taught twin screw power boat operation to new boat owners. Owned two Marine maintenance, repair and sales facilities. Supervised a mega-yacht major re-fit with main engine overhauls. In the US Air Force, went from 2nd Lieutenant to Captain in 3 years 9 months, almost a record. Served as a Squadron Commander of a 200 man Squadron, a position normally held by an officer with the rank of Major or higher.


Operated DUNDIGGEN, 93’, between Southern California and Port Hardy, Vancouver Island for 6 months in 1995. Delivered 100’ custom motor yacht, American Dream. from Lynn, Massachusetts through the Panama Canal to San Francisco. Delivered CENTURION, 125’, 289 tons, from Seattle to San Diego, California. Took a 90’ Burger Viking Princess from Southern California to Canada and back in the summer of 2000. Operated Northern Romance, 85’, 179 tons, from Panama to Costa Rica and Mexico in 2005. Experienced in operating guest yacht cruises for celebrities and prominent families, including The President of the United State’s brother, a yacht for a member of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and a yacht for one of the wealthiest families in Mexico.

Have done deliveries as long as 6,000 miles, 50 days, from the East coast, the Caribbean through the Panama Canal, including night transists. Am insurable for deliveries during the hurricane season in Mexico and the Caribbean. Approximately 30 Mexican West coast deliveries. Have cleared boats and crews in and out of foreign ports in 7 different countries. Have provided total yacht management:crew, outfitting, maintenance, scheduling, accounting. State of California Yacht Brokers License.

Spent a year as the skipper of the Pilot Boat for the Port of San Diego. Put port pilots on and off large vessels at sea in all types of weather. Did two cruises on NOAA research vessels TITAN and WORTHY. Operated the CORONADO for San Diego Harbor Excursions. Operated the oil exploration vessel GLORITA in the Eastern Caribbean, ran nine different offshore supply vessels up to 193’ in the Gulf of Mexico for the Oil Industry. Served on the purse seiners in ISABELL, OCEAN BREEZE, MASSINA, SEA ENCOUNTER, CAROL LINDA and DANIELA Z in the Western Pacific. Operated The Tug Commodore in the North Pacific and the Tug American Quest, Hawaii to Johnston Island.

Operated the charter boats MASCOT VI (85’ 93 gross tons) and IMAGINATION out of H&M Landing, San Diego, for Mexican Charters. Also operated as relief skipper on sportfishers RED ROOSTER III, DIAWA PACIFIC, HORIZON, PREDATOR, OCEAN ODYSSEY, LEGEND, IMPULSE, OSPREY and GALLILEAN. Operated the sportfisher, FRENCHY, in Cabo San Lucas and La Paz, Mexico. Also the sportfisher Reel Paine,
Cabo and East Cape.

From 1984 to 1992, owned two marine maintenance, repair and sales facilities. Have worked on gas and diesel engines, installed instruments, done bottom jobs and general boat maintenance. Supervised a mega-yacht major
retro-fit, including main engine overhauls. In the US Air Force, went from 2d Lieutenant to Captain in 3 years 9 months, almost a record. As a Captain, served as Squadron Commander, a position normally held by an officer with the rank of Major or higher. Had under my Command one officer, 200 men and 700 pieces of equipment

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