5000 Ton Master, upon all oceans.

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Capt Tom on the Viking Princess

Yacht Deliveries

Delivered vessels as far east as Porto Roz, Yugoslavia, and as far west as Singapore. Vessels delivered included both Power and Sail up to 274'. Extensively experienced on the West Coast from Panama to Alaska with thirty plus trips to Mexico. Multiple trips through the Panama Canal.

Yacht Management

Experienced. Have owned and operated three small businesses. Oversaw a mega yacht retrofit. 


I have operated high end yachts for private celebrities, including a US Presidential Family member, and a member of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. I Have operated various sportfishing boats out of San Diego, California, and La Paz, Mexico.

Marine Accident

Marine Accident Investigations - Experenced.


Expert Witness/
Marine Accident

Served as a court recognized expert for both plaintiff and defendant.


Consulting Services


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